Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this network for retro stuff alone?
A: No. Any mainstream subjects and projects are equally welcome, especially anything FOSS-related. After all, we continue the legacy of freenode as Open Projects Network. However, with networks like Libera.Chat or OFTC already existing, it is of a secondary nature, after all.

Q: Is warez allowed on this network?
A: Yes and no. We are not going to fool anyone and pretend there are no such topics and related content exchange here or on any other network for that matter, but we would rather you kept it low profile and never used the term "warez", which even for our standards is too glaring a denomination.

Q: Is adult topic allowed on this network?
A: Yes, but only in its respective channels and only within legal bounds. Do not take this lightly, please, failing to comply may get you banned forever and, in the worst case scenario, reported to authorities. Founders and ops of such channels must take full responsibility of what is happening on them and report violations to IRCops for further measures if necessary.

Q: Does this network use host masking/cloaking?
A: Yes, full host masking is applied by default. Do not confuse it with vhost, though.

Q: Can I get a vhost here?
A: Yes, you can request it on #retronode channel. It is ok to highlight ircops for this, but, please, be polite and patient.

Q: Are bridge bots allowed?
A: Yes, but you will have to request permission from target channels, otherwise proceed at your own risk.

Q: Can I become an IRCop?
A: Yes, but you have to earn it through contribution, which is also how we know you mean business and not a fleeting interest.

Q: What is K-Line and G-Line?
A: Both do essentially the same thing - ban a user from the network. Except the first one bans them from a single server, whereas G-Line is a global network ban. The difference is only effective when there is more than one server in the network, otherwise it's virtually the same. We hope we won't have to resort to either one, though.

Q: I've been *-Lined from the network, how do I get back?
A: We try not to resort to brute force, but if we had to, then there must've been a good reason for it after all. You will just have to wait till your G-Line expires. If you believe it was a misunderstanding and you didn't actually deserve it, feel free to contact us.