Welcome to Retro Projects IRC Network

Greetings and welcome to RetroNode, an IRC haven for all your retro projects! The name should remind you awfully of freenode. That's right, we deliberately came up with something resembling that to give you the good old "nodey" vibe. Would you like to learn more about it? For now enjoy your stay, feel free to create and re-create channels (that is, if you are coming from freenode and/or Libera.Chat) but do take your time to read our rules, please.

Quickstart Guideline

To connect to an IRC network you obviously need a client. It is not really our job to pick an IRC client for you, you can find all the information you need on the web. Still, if we were to choose a client today, then we would go either for irssi or HexChat. One is superlight and minimalistic, the other boasts advanced functionality and is considerably more user-friendly. Both are available for Windows and *nix. If you wish to connect to us immediately just issue /server irc.retronode.org +6697 in your client and off you go. Alternatively, you could always use our WebChat straight in your browser.


Dec 25, 2023 • Merry Christmas!
RetroNode wishes you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Nov 27, 2023 • New server + renaming
A little belated announcement but for what it's worth. We've got a new server (thanks, Mr_C!) and we have also renamed all servers to match the four card suits: diamonds, hearts, spades and... stay tuned for clubs ;)
Nov 3, 2023 • New server!
Another server is afoot - daventry.retronode.org. Big thanks go to bigby!!!
Oct 16, 2023 • KiwiIRC
We now have a KiwiIRC webchat page, which allows you to join our network directly from this here homepage. Keep in mind though, you can only use our page to connect to the network so far, kiwiirc.com will not cut it due to a still unknown bug nor does it have our network on the list yet.
Sep 20, 2023 • netsplit.de
We have registered on netsplit.de!